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Apothic Red | Winemakers Blend


I’ve been obsessed with branding and product design lately. I love the challenge of photo-realism and product packaging in 3D. It’s very therapeutic and what better way than to tribute one of my favorite red wines.

When glancing down the wine isle, the Apothic brand stands out on the shelf above many others. I first tried this wine because the packaging drew me in. It’s a well crafted label that is as bold and unique as the bottle’s shape and blend of flavors. The gothic undertones captures their 13th century European heritage with a crest designed from the vine itself.

I always enjoy working with well contrasted color pallets and red and black is by far one of my favorites. The Apothic brand has done well to embrace it as well as their Apothic Dark & Apothic White wine.


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  • Cinema 4D | After Effects